About us

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest“.

-Benjamin Franklin

Learning is an endless journey – an exhilarating journey – meandering through the sparkling valleys and hills of creativity and imagination. A journey – where the learner is molded and inspired to face challenges of tomorrow. We, with steadfastness believe in the motto of Our School ‘learn. Light, liberate’. The school is not just a building, rather it is a building that has four walls with tomorrow inside (Lon walters). It is here, where the needs of the students are tended to, ensuring their holistic growth and development, cascading the vision to spread the love of Lord in every heart by amalgamating the sublime values of human dignity, brotherhood, equity and justice.

 According to Allan Bloom, education is a movement from darkness to light.Apart from scholastic success, the students are fostered and nourished to excel in skills that will enable them to gain access and peruse qualities, which will help them to transcend their limitation, there fashioning them into the future torchbearers and pathfinders and eventually to reach the zenith of success.   The art of learning –imbibing knowledge – is aimed at opening the mind and delving into the students’ faculty of thinking, reasoning and applying knowledge. Constant learning and consciously putting oneself through new learning and experiencing expands to mind, consequently giving a clear minded awareness. This awareness will eventually ensure that formation of self-confidence –personality – liberated from all the mental layers called obstacles and thereby move on to become great and exceptional individuals, these making the school and entire world proud.

- Fr. Thomas Karakkadu